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Why Elite Player Development Program?

What is the difference between the Elite Development Program from all those other programs?


●Let it be known that from these programs collegiate and professional players are developed and fostered.

●These sessions, camps, and events  have for years been proven to improve players technical abilities, speed of play and match awareness. 

  • It also has proven to be fully capable of creating a strong training environment for players to excel.  The environment is one in which  players involved create lifelong friendships and relationships.  Tons of respect is shown to all that attend. 

All sessions and camps are led by LVSA  staff.  

Training Curriculum 

•Develop ball-handling skills: Master the art of juggling, dribbling, foot skills, and turns to become a true maestro with the ball. 

•Enhance comfort in congested field areas: Learn to navigate and thrive in tight spaces on the field, turning obstacles into opportunities.

•Gain confidence and control with the ball: Elevate your game by boosting your confidence and control, so you can dominate any situation.

•Improve 1st touch using various body parts: Hone your first touch with precision using different body parts, including laces, inside foot, thighs, and chest. 

•Develop 1v1 skills through multiple one-on-one scenarios: Master the art of one-on-one play with various drills and scenarios, enhancing your ability to excel in these crucial situations.

•Learn effective defending and attacking against a single opponent: Develop the skills and strategies to excel both in defending against and attacking a single opponent, giving you the edge on the field. 

•Master accurate and creative passing techniques: Perfect your passing game with precision using the inside foot, outside foot, chips, and long-range passes. 

•Refine distribution and shooting skills: Elevate your distribution and shooting abilities to make crucial plays and score more goals. 

•Learn goal-scoring with power, accuracy, and deception: Discover the art of goal-scoring, combining power, pinpoint accuracy, and deceptive techniques to become a scoring sensation.

•Participate in micro-games to apply skills in game-like situations: Engage in micro-games to put your skills to the test in realistic, fast-paced scenarios that mimic actual match situations. 

•Enhance tactical awareness without the ball: Develop your tactical understanding and positional awareness when you're off the ball, ensuring you're always in the right place at the right time. 

•Focus on specific aspects of the game in a controlled environment: Delve into the nuances of the game by isolating and perfecting specific aspects in a controlled setting, fine-tuning your skills and decision-making.

•Mental Toughness Training: Develop the mental strength to tackle any challenge on the pitch.

•Tactical Awareness Training: Grasp the intricate strategies and tactics that make a winning team. 

•Positional Insight: Gain a deep understanding of various playing positions, so you can excel in any role.